Objectives of IDA

The objective of the Association shall be the advancement of dairy science and industry, farming, animal husbandry, animal sciences and its branches including dairy farming & research on breeding, and management of dairy livestock; and towards that end the association will seek:
  • To provide opportunities for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and ideas gained from experiments and experience through meetings, conferences, seminars and for collaboration between persons and/or institutions interested in research & planning and those in production, processing and marketing;
  • To practice and promote a high standard of objectivity, scientific expertise and technical proficiency;
  • To encourage and promote scientific research and development related to dairy, dairy farming as defined under the Section I Definitions of Rules and Regulations of Association;
  • To promote and participate in every way the rational and economic development of dairy science, industry and farming (as defined under the Rules & Regulations) in the country in association with cooperatives, industry, or any other organization, national or international, having similar aims and objectives;
  • To assume any responsibility or functions when asked to do so, on behalf of Government towards the advancement of dairying;
  • To collaborate with societies, associations, or any other organization, national or international, having similar aims and to participate in meetings held in India or abroad centered around similar objectives;
  • To promote standards (qualitatively and otherwise) and to foster the growth of the dairy industry in general and for the purpose engage in consultancy activities, set up laboratories and do such like or other things as are necessary for the purpose;

  • To adopt, as and when required, an appropriate logo for the Association and to permit the use thereof by its members on such terms as may deem appropriate;
  • To promote dairying as a part of Animal Husbandry activity in particular and agricultural farming in general for the benefit of livestock and agricultural farmers;

  • To organize training, exhibition and help in the establishment of dairy farm as a part of Animal Husbandry activity for the benefit of agricultural, livestock & dairy farmers, in pursuance of objectives of the Association;